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Enrollment & Forms

The Preschool is open to children from 2 to 5 years. The Primary section caters for children from 6 to 9 years.

Before enrolling your child you are invited to visit the School, and discuss details with the Director, (during afternoons). Each parent will be given a Handbook to read, for their own information, before enrolling their child. Parents must fill in one enrollment form per child and pay 2000SR non refundable registration fee. Once a place has been secured for your child, the Admission fee should be paid (5000 SR) and fees are due at the start of the term and can be paid monthly at the start of each term.

Admission of short term expatriate children; at each new intake of new children in January and September, five places will be retained for expatriate children who have arrived within the country during the previous six months.  On registering their child payment of 5000 SR submission fee is payable and once the place is secured for their child 5000 SR registration fee is payable.  Parents will be asked to submit a copy of their GOP for reference.

You can download an enrollment form and parent prospectus here:

Registration form PDF

Prospectus 2020