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General Information

BIRTHDAYS. We have a special way of celebrating children’s birthdays at School, and if you would like to organize a celebration during school hours, we would prefer a healthy treat.

TOYS. If children bring toys to school it often leads to disappointment and resentment. So please no toys. If children would like to share any particular object of interest, books and pictures, it would be welcomed and shared with the other children.

HEALTH . If your child has a fever, or any signs of contagious illness, kindly keep him at home until he is well. If your child develops signs of sickness at school, you will be contacted immediately, so that parents would be able to take him home to a quiet environment. In case of accidents, our first aid trained teachers will take care of your children, until medical advice can be sought, and parents informed. If children are found with head lice they will be asked to remain at home until they have been treated and the nits and lice gone.