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Lunch Menu

The Healthy Foodie

We are committed to catering daily meals for your children at the Children’s House.

We understand that children need to be catered to in a particular way so that even while they are picky eaters they are also able to enjoy the right food that their bodies need to grow and become strong.  With an emphasis on  taste, freshness and look we will be sure to keep the ingredients few per meal so as to facilitate digestion so we do not overtax the little stomachs while providing the needful nutrients your children need.

The menu will follow a similar pattern every day; starting with an energizing breakfast, a satisfying lunch followed by a healthy afternoon snack. The Healthy Foodie Team is happy to be a part of helping your children on their journey to healthy and exciting living.

Lunches for Yellow Room and Blue Group: SR 1,525 per term (@ SR 25 per meal)

Lunches for Red Room and Green Group: SR 1 ,830 per term (@ SR 30 per meal)

Lunch invoices will be issued at the start of each term. We would appreciate if payment could be made in advance.

Cheques payable to: The Healthy Foodie