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To create and sustain a safe, enriching environment that meets the needs of the children, insuring that the care and education provided facilitate an independent, co-operative and happy school community.

  1. Vision: to provide a high standard of care and education that is committed to the Montessori principles.  These principles support the emotional, social and intellectual development of all children.  The school respects diversity in all its forms and encourages a community of equality and unity, initiating a pathway for lifelong learning.
  2. Mission: Consistent open dialogue with honest communication between all partners, which will encourage independent enquiry and exploration.  Close partnership between home and school will inform the child’s development and learning by building on their strengths through progressive education and creating new opportunities for learning.
  3. Objectives:
  • To have a philosophy and awareness of unity through diversity with an equal, dynamic and happy environment policy.
  • Address any needs or uncooperative situations immediately.
  • Focus on strengths of all the members of the community with gratitude, forgiveness and acceptance in big doses!
  • Awareness that both adults and children are learning from one another.
  • Recognition that emotions and behavior are not who the person is but rather an expression of feelings.
  • Recognize that primary and preventative healthcare s a large part of good practice in the care and education of children.
  • Emphasis placed on supporting the person in a compassionate and non-judgmental way to avoid the unhealthy avoidance of repression or emotion, and acknowledgement or unaccountability for the consequences of our actions/behavior.

This applies to all members of the school community; children, staff and parents.